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Company Vehicle 2.0 - Company Fleet


Would you like to present the unique advantages of a corporate fleet to your allies and are you looking for that little touch of originality? With Kumpan Canada's e-scooters from E-mobility electric, you combine the advantages of classic company vehicles with flexibility, independence and a unique driving experience. We will present you with turnkey, tailor-made solutions and a single partner for your company fleet of e-scooters.

Our e-scooters, improved and made in Germany, are ideal if you are looking for 2.0 company vehicles with a strong character.

A quick summary of the benefits:

The employer brand - distinguish yourself from the crowd

The importance of the employer brand is continually growing - your employees want to identify with your business. Present your increasingly demanding employees with an invincible advantage. Young talented geniuses, in particular, are not necessarily a question of money, but also of what employers contribute as “added value” and that their own values ​​correspond to those of the company: Job ticket adé! Hello buddy! Our e-scooters do not infect the air with CO2 or clicking noises, resulting in a sustainable and recent form of mobility that will propel you and your business to the top of the list of favorite companies.

4 B2B kumpan modell1954 Kumpan commercial fleet escooter e scooter Canada Emobilite Kumpan

Pioneering and innovative technology

All of our Kumpan Canada e-scooters from E-mobility are brought together thanks to a telemetry module integrated into the battery, which allows you not only to control and track them with your smartphone, but also to trace your entire fleet with ease. . The standard 7-inch touchscreen gives you an overview of all key data, even during the ride.

An immense joy of driving for your employees

Kumpan Canada of E-mobility vibrates with a big smile after every trip, this is what we promise to your employees and to you. Driving an e-scooter has an exceptional feeling: on the one hand, you ride quietly, on the other hand, the acceleration takes your breath away, which a thermal scooter simply cannot offer you. The plan of our e-scooters has already turned many heads: in continual elegance, you move through the city and attract greedy glances. Take advantage of every clean, smart, quiet and stylish ride.

A toxic and silent zero emission e-scooter

Backfiring was a thing of the past - quiet driving and zero toxic fumes is tomorrow! Our Emobility Kumpan Canada e-scooters only “fill up” with electricity and that's the reason they're so quiet on the road: because the electric motor only makes a low hum when it accelerates. surprisingly fast and takes you through traffic at speeds of up to 45, 70 or even 100 km / h (depending on the chosen e-scooter model).

According to the design of your choice

You decide what your fleet should look like. Plaxed / painted in your company colors or simply designated with your logo? Decorated with an appealing adage? Or a QR code to report the trip to your head office? Here your innovation can freely express itself. Our internal graphics department is at your disposal for the tailor-made design of your scooter sketch.

Huge success in many German cities

In Oberhausen, Essen, Tübingen, Krefeld and several other cities, you can already see our shared E-mobility Kumpan Canada circulating through the city. You can also choose a sharing model for your company fleet of e-scooters, or choose for a fixed allocation of e-scooters to your employees. For all variants, we provide you with the appropriate infrastructure for hardware and software.

A turnkey solution for your business

Your fleet must be made up, for example, of 3 e-scooters, which your employees divide up? Or would you like to have 50 two-wheelers, so that every ally in your management team can drive their own company e-scooter? We have only positive solutions for every size of business and for most fleet models. Find the ideal solution for you and your business by talking to your Kumpan Canada contact at Emobility.

Personalized advice from your Kumpan Canada partner of Emobility

The proverb "Out of sight, out of heart" does not exist with us! Your partner Kumpan Canada of Emobility is at your disposal at all times. Do you want to change something to the model of your fleet? Do you have questions about e-scooters? Do you need more batteries or compartments? We are at your disposal and together we will ensure that your company's fleet becomes and remains an absolute success.

How to be seen and believed? Electric e-scooters open in your graphic charter!

E-scooters are the fast and discreet means of transport in the modern city!

Every city in the world has the same complications - our e-scooters are the solution:

  • What luck finding a parking lot

It is easy to park 5 of our e-scooters in a car parking space. In addition, sidewalk parking is permitted in most cities.

  • Chaotic traffic due to traffic jams

Our e-scooters are mobile companions. They are also the fastest means of transport in urban areas.

  • Not flexible means of public transport

Our e-scooters can be used at any time and even go where public transport does not go.

  • CO2 emissions and quality of life

Our E-mobilities Kumpan Canada circulate silently and cleanly through the city - no CO2 emissions and no noise polluting the air.

  • It is possible for you to make your company fleet a shared fleet

With our "peace of mind" proposition, you can easily have a sharing model for your company fleet. We equip you with the necessary software (iOS and Android app) for your employees as well as for you (back-end platform to control your fleet) as well as our e-scooters connected thanks to a telemetry module.

Request a tailor-made offer now

4 B2b Kumpan commercial fleet escooter e scooter Canada Emobilite Kumpan firmaware

The software

The e-scooter sharing application will be designed in your company colors, so that users who benefit from the service also keep your brand in mind.

With the back-end platform, you are in control. The fleet can be supervised, activated and deactivated there, computer commands can be sent, load states can be viewed. From live fleet monitoring, to service and battery replacement planning, usage evaluation and optimization, all relevant variables are clearly displayed.

4 B2B Kumpan commercial fleet escooter e scooter Canada Emobilite Kumpan branding



Our e-scooters are connected to the battery-affiliated telemetry module ensuring data exchange between the scooter and the back-end platform. You are able to check in real time the location of the scooter, its state of charge and, thanks to the sensors, its technical state. Your fleet can be designed, plated or painted according to your wishes (for example in your company colors). The brand icon and paint in whatever colors you want (or your company) are designed and produced by our in-house graphics department. The electronic top case provides ample storage space for two matching white label helmets.

4 B2B Kumpan commercial fleet escooter e scooter Canada Emobilite Kumpan battery

A preventive charging infrastructure

As the operator, you remain in control of fleet management. To ensure that your batteries are always charged, you can add stationary battery cabinets or use mobile chargers. If you decide to mobilize a team to do the battery swap, you are able to orient through our back-end platform.

4 B2B Kumpan commercial fleet escooter e scooter Canada Emobilite Kumpan driving roads


Additional support and service

We train our support and service partners and yourself particularly for maintenance in sharing mode. If anything should be broken, one of our network of current dealers throughout Germany can take care of the repairs. Better yet, your E-mobility partner Kumpan Canada is on hand at all times for any questions.

4 B2B Kumpan commercial fleet escooter e scooter Canada Emobilite Kumpan commecial fleet


Mobile fleets (stationary)

For mobile (stationary) fleets, the e-scooter is rented and returned to fixed locations, especially at your company premises. Battery boxes and charging stations are ideal for this system because e-scooters stay in these places when they are waiting for use and can be recharged there while waiting for the future user.

E-scooter mobile two-wheelers are contracted and returned to fixed stations by issuing smart keys or booking through a simple app. Whether exclusive or public, user groups can be characterized flexibly. This sharing model is therefore the ideal solution for each fleet size.

A review by one the employee at Kumpan Electric Scooter Company, facts on all scooters….

They explain the process that each scooter goes thru for manufacturing, assembling…

How the final inspection of quality is done, and this for all scooters coming out of the plant.

See  for a Kumpan Electric scooter , for the Canada territory…



You build your corporate fleet with Kumpan Canada of e-mobility electric:

This is what makes us the ideal partner for you and your fleet

We create, develop and assemble our products at our German site in Remagen - with extreme attention to detail. Thanks to various sharing projects and the many years of experience, greed and passion of our employees, we have a mechanism of great industrial know-how. This makes Kumpan Canada of E-mobility electric the perfect partner for planning, implementing and maximizing your bespoke, stylish and sustainable corporate fleet!


How the manufacturing works at Kumpan Electric, an inside view of the process in Germany, brought to you by Emobilite

See with one of the director how everything is done at Kumpan.

You can get your Kumpan Electric Scooter here in Canada with



If you would like to find out more about our corporate fleet offer, make an appointment, request additional information or simply have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!


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