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#1   10 sec. 

Our logo animation:

Our English Brand logo animation by Kumpan Electric of Canada by

Having a Kumpan Scooter is for life,  The most quiet operating scooter on the planet!  Go Green , Go Kumpan!

#2  1 min. 19s

An interview with one of the founder of Kumpan Electric and the popular scooter!:

See all of our models in a short video demo.

*Not all models are available at the moment in Canada



#3  1 min. 19s

 After the fire that destroyed the Kumpan Electric Company in Germany. (Electric Scooters):

How the team got together and reconstructed from bottom to top , The Kumpan Electric Company.

The world’s best E-scooter  …


#4  2 min. 29s

How our service is at a Kumpan Electric Dealer, for scooter ,  Exclusif by  in Canada:

A look inside one of our dealers (reseller) in Europe  with the Kumpan Electric team.

Here in Canada all Kumpan Electric scooters are distributed exclusively by


#5  1 min. 06s

 A little tour inside the Kumpan electric Company in Germany, see how production of e-scooters is handled….:

Amazing logistics, quality control and an amazing assembling for all of the Kumpan Electric Scooter.

You can get your Kumpan Scooter here in Canada with the exclisve distribution by




 #6  6 min. 52s

A tour inside the Kumpan Electric Company along with the amazing team designing the world’s best electric scooters:

When you invest with your team in a company, you get as a final result;  the best working area, the best product, the best design…..  Germany has tough us!

Welcome  inside the Kumpan Electric company, a scooter for the everyday life!

Quiet, fast, efficient and reliable get your Kumpan Today!




  #7  6 min. 05s

The 3 founders share with us the Kumpan Electric Scooter adventure, how they did it!:

 Among our models for 2021, in Canada the 54i:conic  & 54i:mpulse are among the best sellers,  economy, security and reliability all in one with a Kumpan Scooter.

These models are distributed exclusively by  in Canada.



    #8  2 min. 42s

After a big fire that destroyed the Kumpan Electric Company in Germany….:

One of the directors explain to us how they managed to get the company going again….How the logistics and the engineering departments  got together  to make the company great again.

How did the fire start,  it was a battery that caused this fire…

Today Kumpan Electric is proud to have among the best Electric Scooters in the worlds!

Here in Canada distribution is available with


     #9  2 min. 16s 

A review by one the employee at Kumpan Electric Scooter Company, facts on all scooters….:

They explain the process that each scooter goes thru for manufacturing, assembling…

How the final inspection of quality is done, and this for all scooters coming out of the plant.

See  for a Kumpan Electric scooter , for the Canada territory… 

#10  1min 57 sec.

How the manufacturing works at Kumpan Electric, an inside view of the process in Germany, brought to you by Emobilite:

See with one of the director how everything is done at Kumpan.

You can get your Kumpan Electric Scooter here in Canada with


 #11  6 min 05 sec.

 Inside the Kumpan Electric Scooter company along with the 3 founders….:

A look at all there models, features, the way Kumpan came to life, to serve better in matter of Scooters for the whole World!

A different scooter a different way of thinking a different way of oprations a Kumpan Scooter!

Kumpan is the new way to ecolo-friendly transporation….


  #12  1 min 51 sec.

 A little talks with one of the founders at Kumpan Elctric Scooters, in Germany!:

See the insides stories of the Kumpan Elctric Scooter Company,  how they manage to get an amazing product out for the general public!















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