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Information of the electric scooter "54i: gnite [100 km / h]"

The 54i: gnite model is our most powerful E-scooter (electric scooter) model: With a speed of 100 km / h max. there are no limits to the ultimate driving experience! Whether you are driving on a country road or on the motorway - our sporty model offers all possibilities. Still, no matter the speed: Emobility’s Kumpan scooter from Canada, the Model 54i: gnite drives quietly and produces no CO-2 emissions.

Our sporty model guarantees a phenomenal driving experience, comes with innovative technology and a number of other improvements, such as standard CBS, new sport tires, 7kW engine power, 7 '' touchscreen and much more again.


Kumpan 1954i:gnite (X  in stock)

Cream or blue color

$X, XXX.XX  CAD (+ Taxes)

Come with a battery, 70km / hrs

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54i:gnite Model

Our Kumpan 54i: gnite offers you a lot of power: With 100 km / h¹ this electric scooter is a lot of fun!

Sporty elegance and excellent technology

MAXIMUM SPEED 100 km / h, (1)


TOUCH SCREEN: 7 inches

NORMAL RANGE: 80 km (2)

MAXIMUM RANGE: 110 km (3)

* 1- Max. speed with 3 batteries, depending on weight, slope, road conditions.

* 2- Average autonomy with 3 batteries, depending on weight, slope, speed, road conditions.

  • 3-max. range with 3 batteries, under ideal test conditions


800x566px no 1 highway travelling 54 ignite electric scooter Kumpan Canada

A performance artist

Unique turns, super grip and powerful energy: shine with high quality sport tires, CBS equipment and a timeless design. Enjoy the speed of a car without giving up the agility, flexibility and absolute freedom of a two-wheeler. Travel through city and country roads and combine speed, temperament and style for the ultimate in driving pleasure.

800x566px no 1 our digital display 54 ignite electric scooter Kumpan Canada

Our small display (it's like a technician!)

The 7-inch touchscreen of our model 54i: gnite e-scooter always keeps you informed of the range, speed and consumption available. In addition, you can choose between four different driving modes - Sport, Comfort, Eco or Rain - depending on weather conditions and energy consumption.

There is also a telemetry module, built into the battery, which will provide valuable information on location and charge status to know exactly when it is necessary to recharge the scooter with an effective charge level and not an average estimate. . You also have the option to locate your Kumpan worldwide to find out exactly where your scooter is.  


800x566px no 1 hi power led light 54 ignite electric scooter Kumpan Canada

 Drive safely all night long

Safety is our priority! We designed the turn signals, taillights, brake lights and above all the headlights to provide the best possible illumination with powerful HiPower LEDs to ensure you have a good view at night and be seen immediately by others.

800x566px no 1 our batteries 54 ignite electric scooter Kumpan Canada

Power Pack 2.0: the heart and soul of electric mobility

The power pack 2.0 is the heart of our scooters. Developed and produced by us, the batteries have been fitted with LG cells and, together with the incredible 7 kW motor power of the 54i: gnite model, they will guarantee reliable driving pleasure. Your Kumpan 54i: gnite is delivered with two “power packs 2.0”. However, if you plug in a third battery, you can travel an average of 80 km and up to 110 km, depending on the load, weather and road conditions.

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Performance data: 

  • Power: 7 kW
  • brushless wheel hub motor
  • Maximum power of 7,000 watts
  • 141 Nm of torque
  • Speed: 100 km / h
  • Range of 80 km (with three batteries inserted)
  • Maximum range: up to 110 km (under optimal test conditions)
  • Battery: up to 3 removable lithium-ion batteries, 51 V, 28.5 Ah, 1.5 kWh / battery (no memory effect), battery charging option
  • Charger: 6A, charging time: up to 4 hours
  • Consumption: around 0.99 € per 100 km
  • Motor: low maintenance brushless wheel hub motor: 12 in.
  • Brakes: CBS system, hydraulic disc brake, front 195 mm, rear 185 mm (front 2 pistons / rear 1 piston), energy recovery (regeneration) during braking
  • Rims: Aluminum, 12 "x 2.75" front, 12 "x 3.5" rear
  • Frame: tubular steel frame
  • Front suspension: hydraulic telescopic fork
  • Rear suspension: 2 spring spacers with adjustable tension
  • Power transmission: direct via the wheel hub motor
  • Diagnostic interface: CAN bus, BLE, GSM, remote software maintenance possible
  • Lighting: HiPower LED lighting (headlights, indicators, tail light and brake light)

Weight & dimensions:

  • Empty weight: 82 kg
  • Weight per battery: 10 kg
  • Weight with 3 batteries: 112 kg
  • Permissible total weight: 280 kg
  • Maximum additional load: 180 kg


  • Length: 1950 mm
  • Width (without mirror): 730 mm
  • Height (without mirror): 1215 mm
  • Seat height: 800 mm
  • Wheelbase: 1354 mm
  • Distance above the ground: 200 mm


  • 12 V socket
  • Keyless-Start technology
  • Glove box and other storage compartments with push-to-open function
  • Connection interface with smartphone
  • 4 selectable driving modes: Rain, Sport, Eco, Comfort
  • 3 locations for batteries, including 3 locations with battery connection
  • 1 standard battery
  • Forged aluminum bag hook
  • 7 ”TFT touchscreen
  • Can also be used via the control pad

Main Features :

  • Compulsory insurance: Yes
  • StVZO compliant: Yes
  • Authorization requirement: Yes
  • Driving license compulsory: Up to 100 km / h: Motorcycle driving license (class A1 or 1b, class 3 if you obtained your driving license before 01.04.1980)
  • Compulsory wearing of a helmet: Yes
  • Supply: 2 batteries, charger, user manual


Color of footboard and legs:

Granite black, aurora red, mahagony brown

Paint color:

Magnolia White, Baccara Black, Accent Yellow, Lava Gray, Azur Blue

Seat color:

granite black, aurora red, mahagony brown


Sport tires


100 km/h

Number of batteries:

2 batteries (3 kWh), 3 batteries (4.5 kWh)

Braking system :


Headlight :

LED HiPower

Aluminum bag holder:


Configuration of your 54i:gnite  scooter

Speed 100 km / h: 100 km / h

Paint color: Magnolia White

Seat color: Black granite


Price $ X, XXX.XX CAD (+ Taxes) plus shipping costs. For countries other than Canada, VAT and delivery charges may vary.

Dispatch in 12 weeks, delivery time 1-3 days

Kumpan 1954i :ignite  (X  in stock)

Cream or blue color

$X, XXX.XX  CAD (+ Taxes)

Come with a battery, 70km / hrs

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